Help Us Get Back on the Road

The Govenaires were subject to a terrible and cruel April Fool's "joke" recently. Vandals ripped open the control panel for our buses, and cut the electrical cables that control the bus. They then entered the bus, and damaged the seats and tables, as well as sprayed a fire extinguisher throughout. We discovered this and contacted the police. Later that night, the vandals returned to cause more damage, including damage to a tire.


While the police investigate and locate the vandals, the Govenaires are asking you, our friends and fans, to help support us as we repair and/or replace our transportation. The corps has prided itself on providing transportation to its members to performances to limit how much members need to dedicate personal resources to performing. "Get on the Bus" has been a slogan of sorts for a this very reason, and the buses have fostered many fond memories for members throughout the years.


Bus Fundraiser

The Govenaires are fundraising to repair and/or replace the iconic green bus fleet. All donations, no matter the size, are greatly appreciated, and tax deductible. The support that the corps gets from its friends and fans is a powerful force, let's use that power to undo the damage that these vandals have caused. 

Please consider making a donation to the Govenaires Giving Trust
or mail a donation to

Govenaires Giving Trust
PO Box 235
St. Peter, MN 56082