Govenaires International


The Govenaires are proud to introduce its newest ensemble: Govenaires International. First touring in the 2016 Shanghai Tourism Festival, this group connects current field corps members, alumni, and fans in new and interesting ways. Performing in venues that don’t fit the traditional parade, concert, or field show setting, this group is in it to have tons of fun.


In 2019, the Govenaires International will be traveling to Austria, to perform in the Bezirksblasmusikfest in Röschitz. This will provide an opportunity to continue to spread the ideals of the Govenaires organization to more people through performances and personal interactions. The local community in Obermarkersdorf is well into preparations for our arrival and it is sure to be an amazing experience for everyone.

You can help us sponsor a member in need by donating here. Stay tuned for additional fundraising events.