Board of Directors

Congratulations to our newly elected 2019  Govenaires Performing Arts Association (GPAA) Executive Committee!

  • President - Jen Epper

  • Secretary - Cathy Carlson

  • Treasurer - Patrick Puckett

We are currently seeking GPAA Board Members with passion and expertise in the areas of Community Connectivity, Grant Writing, Fundraising, and Volunteer Coordination to assist the GPAA Ensembles achieve success. If interested in sharing your time and talent, please email Jen Epper at president@govenaires.org for more information.


We are accepting applications for the following position within the GPAA Organization:

  • Govenaires Drum Corps Director

  • Govenaires International Director

  • Govenaires Alumni Director

Interested applicants should email a cover letter of intent and a resume to president@govenaires.org no later than end of day September 30, 2018. All 2019 Ensemble Directors for will be announced at the monthly GPAA Board Meeting on Sunday October 14, 2018